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    Idea ☞ A Cooking Show

    I’ve been wanting to widen my skills and produce more content for a while now. Things that are in various stages from flighty butterfly wings at the back of my mind, all the way to outlines on paper keep nagging me constantly. And, in a way, I feel like I’m on the verge of cracking… I can feel that I want to write more. But I also want to do more than just take reasonably pretty pictures. I want to produce video and audio too. (And try to bend WordPress to my will…) For reasons not entirely connected with all this, I also needed to check out what Apple’s Clips…

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    Cranberries – where do they come from?

    I love cooking, and I love researching how things grow, are raised or just made. It hit me today, turkey month and all, that I only had a sketchy notion of where cranberries actually come from. I’ve seen them bobbing around in ponds, but that’s it.   As it turns out, the cultivation of cranberries may have been the most fascinating thing I’ve learned all day!