I’m one of these weird annoying people who experiment on my self. Basically I have done ever since I got some thorough experience with the healthcare system here in Sweden. Sure, I ate herbal extracts and some vitamins before too. But since being ‘bullied’ by doctors who seem to know very little indeed, I started looking around for my self. (Though this doesn’t mean I disregard everything, I just don’t rely on doctors inside the Swedish healthcare system to actually look out for my well being in terms of diet, lifestyle, or ‘mental health’ broadly speaking.

I am a very committed LCHF guy, who have recently started to experimenting with intermittant fasting. Usually that means that some of the days of the week I fast 24 hours, supper to supper. I try to mix it up a little, but mostly that’s it. But, having heard and read a lot about the health benefits of longer fasting, I decided to try for a five day fast!

At first there was nothing to it. Though it did feel weird not eating anything in the evening. But I wasn’t hungry. I drank a mug of bone broth, water, coffee and tea, but nothing else. I had heard a lot about the cleansing process this might start in the body, and did experience some if it… TMI so I’ll stop there for now.

Anyway, the most interesting thing I was waiting for was what Jimmy Moore referse to as a ‘state of Nirvana’ after 72 hours. I did not experiece this. For most of the time I was not hungry! Sure, I felt like eating a lot of things, but I wasn’t actually rumblingly hungry. It was amazing. And yet, I had to end my fasting a little early. I only clocked about four and a half days. I woke up early in the morning feeling nauseated and just awful! I couldn’t understand why. But heading the warning and listening to my body, I decided to eat some high quality fat and meat. But man was I feeling weak and tired.

Over and over, I aske my self Why?

Having done some more research and thought about it, I am pretty sure I know what happened. I didn’t drink enough water. On the Fasting Talk podcast, they recommend two glasses of water for every cup of coffee for one. I came nowhere close! I also by all accounts ate to little salt. All my symptoms line up with someone being low on salt and fluids.

I will try a longer fast again, I am hoping to make this a regular part of my life every month. This time I will aim for three or four days to take it a little easy. (And to fit with the schedual. But hey, who knows, maybe I’ll feel so good I’ll just go on to five?)

Next time though, I will keep detailed notes on my salt and water intake, and I will make sure I get enough of both.

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