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Everything in my last book was bullshit!

I meditated long well before I came across Dan Harris. I first noticed him when I started using the ABC News app on my Apple TV. He was funny in a dry way, very witty, handsome (though to protect whatever cred I may have I feel a very personal need to point out that at least he is shorter than I am…), and he quickly became one of my favorit people on there. And then I started hearing 10% being thrown around. And as I’ve written before, that’s how I found his app. It is now my main mediation support, and I love it!

What may be less well know, is that Dan also does talks. I’ve seen a few of them (though so far none of them live), and this lates one from Wisdom 2.0 is fantastic. If you are a normal person, and most of us are, and have struggles, hopes and dreams. Watch it. If you have a family, problems of any kind, or (like me) you are an unwilling victim of single-hood: watch it! Will it solve anything? A resounding no! But it is funny, and it does offer tips on what can help. Meditation. 

Meditation won’t solve all your problems. But it will help you see a little clearer through the fog of everyday life. And that, that is invaluable.

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