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French car commercials

I love cars. There, I said it. But I’m not necessarily into one make more than another. Or, well, I love many different models and makes at least. Here are two favorites in what are surprisingly non-bizarre videos for Citrën and Renault-Alpine respectively. Given what the french love their cars odd, and their ads weird, these are still quirky. I mean, a 10-minute drive across the North American continent and a jewel-heist are not what springs to mind first. But they are charming little 80s movies in their own right.

This is the movie for the Citroën CX, a car I believe they did try to sell in the US, but as far as I know it proved a little too European for American tastes. All I can say is your loss America. When I was a teenager I knew a man who had a black CX GTi. It was lovely! And growing up, a very close and very classy couple my family know (They lived in a house on the lake, had musical instruments everywhere, cooked fine dinners, collected model cars, records, and art and worked in the arts. Brilliant!), had a golden CX. I’ve since associated this car with good taste, interesting design and wonderful, odd french technology. (BTW. This couple now owns a Citroën C6 V6 HDi. It is magnificent!)

The other video is from french sports car manufacturer Alpine, which in the 80s was called Renault-Alpine (except in the UK where they were Renault). This, the GTA, is a car that was, to my knowledge, never sold in Scandinavia and we are the poorer for it Amazing Porsche-alternatives. Nowhere near the quality, but interesting, individual and very cool! Oh, and Alpine seems to be making a comeback in 2018. Can’t wait!

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