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Emma Seppälä – The Happiness Track

I recently came across an interview by Dan Harris where he talked with a Stanford PhD called Emma Seppälä, about stress and happiness. I was intrigued, but as it was the Christmas season I sort of forgot about it for the time being.

Then a few weeks ago I started listening to random episodes of Dan’s 10% Happier podcast. In this podcast Dan talks to various people from all sorts of walks of life, about meditation and mindfulness and how it has helped them. And again, there she was, Seppälä. (As a Scandinavian you always tend to see names with umlauts very clearly…) I knew that name, and decided to listen. The episode was great, and Emma is not only inspirational with tons of really good research backing her up, she lives this stuff. (I’m sure she struggles like everyone, but she seems very clear as to what she wants to achieve regarding all this research and her own life.)

I have now used a leftover Audible-credit and started listening to her book, The Happiness Track, and so far this is great and extremely well researched. I may actually buy the paperback in a few copies and start obnoxiously handing them out. (Wouldn’t be the first time I ‘force’ people around me to read things I find useful…)

If you struggle at all with feeling tired, burned out, anxious, stressed or as something is just missing in your life. Have a listen. The podcast is free, the book is available in most formats, and here’s even a TEDx talk you can enjoy while heading over to Amazon.

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