A digital experiment

I am an Apple nerd and have been since the first time I was let near my best friends Macintosh Performa 400 back in the 90s. While I did realise it was underpowered and slow even at the time, the graphics, sound and everything else just sucked me in. It made me want to explore mind and universe in a way that my family’s 386 just never did. I tell you this, because I am about to experiment with letting go of some of my Mac dependancy.

Fast-forward to today and I have now owned several Macs, my current one is a MacBook Pro Mid-2012 with an SSD I installed my self, and 8 GB of RAM. I just installed macOS Sierra and am loving having Siri with me on the Mac too. I’ve also helped move most of my family over to Mac and iOS over time. My mother practically use iOS only these days (except at work where she unwillingly use Windows and cringingly use ChromeOS).

As I’ve written about before I’ve had a bit of a back-injury, which has made carrying things around a bit of a palaver for me. Especially since my bag, a MacBook and a charger start to run in the 3-5 kg range when all is said and done. Having recently gone back to college, I’ve even opted for ebooks rather than paper books to keep the weight down. (Finding mind-body health have alleviated this a lot, but I’ll return to that in another post.)

But, as luck would have it, I had to go to the ER a week ago. Turns out, I had appendicitis. One drug induced sleep and a piece of gut later, this means  I can carry even less stuff around without pain. Sure, it will pass, but it will take time. So, using some of my last residual funds, I decided that since my iPhone is relatively recent and my MacBook is chugging along at a decent clip, I will experiment. I will start to rely on iOS for all my away from desk needs. I will still use the Mac at home, but I bought an iPad Pro 9,7. (In Rose Gold no less, because I am a manly man with a great sense of aesthetics.) I’ve also gotten the Logitech Create case as I will type a lot, and the design reminds me of both the iBook G3 and the eMate 300.

Will this work? Is iOS mature enough to be my one travel os for uni and classes? We will see. But essentially I’m thinking, if Tim Cook really is using the iPad as much as he says he is in his job, and if Federico Viticci can run a successful business almost entirely from an iPad, well, then so can I!

Here’s to experimenting away from ‘mother-Macintosh’s’ familiar embrace. Let this digital experiment begin.

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