And so it begins!

This is a fresh start for me, a new take on what I do online and how I see my self and my life. I want to take my self seriously in that I believe what I do, know and think matters. Not to everyone, but to someone. Not least, to me. This whole site will be based around the idea that instead of walking around talking to my self quite as much as I am, I will start to write it down, say it in to a microphone, and perhaps even record it with a camera. Who knows what this will lead to, but I hope to at least occasionally share something that might make someones day brighter, someones life a little easier, or maybe even help you, dear reader, move on with what ever you need to move on with.

I’ve been through a lot. I’ve read a lot. I have a lot of thoughts about all it. And to who ever is reading this I say: in the spirit of humanity please take what fits, share what touches and be your amazing self!

Warts and all, let’s start this shit up!

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