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The tools are out there


This site is for anyone who has been told by doctors that there is nothing they can do for you. Either they tell you there is nothing wrong with you (even though you can barely hear the through your pain), or they want you take pills to so you can 'live with it'.

Now first, pills aren't in an of them selves bad. But if your breakfast consists of more pills than good food, something's not right.

When I was told this by doctors, I despaired for a while. Was my life really either over, or at best seriously held back by crippling pain and everything that goes with it, at 33? There was nothing they could do they said. They even claimed I was good after ten sessions with a physical therapist. As you might have guessed by now, I was not.

That's when a life-long interest I've don't little but read about resurfaced. If the 'normal' resources couldn't yield anything for me, then what other paths was out there? For a number of years I've explored and essentially experimented on my self. This site is a continuance of that exploration, partly to help me keep track, and partly because I really wish to help others in similar situations out there.

I will write about meditation, food, alternative therapies, books, movies and more to try and find every little bit that helps. I'm also really interested in technology and to see what everyday tech can help to get a better life. I should perhaps point out that I am open to at least hearing most things out, I am a bit of a nerd but certainly think we've reached a point where some tech needs to be tempered (if for no other reason than it is slowly killing us), and I am a convert to a ketogenic (low-carb/LCHF) lifestyle.

The tools are out there and we can get better. All of us!